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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Favourite Exercises

He’s back.

What were Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 favourite exercises? Should you do them? Find out.

Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

In one of his videos, he goes through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 favourite exercises. Take a look.

Just know that most of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 favourite exercises are being criticised by Cavaliere.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Favourite Exercises

1. Barbell Bench Press with Wide Grip

The barbell bench press is already an incredible exercise to grow your chest, but with the wide grip you can minimise the triceps contribution and focus even more on your chest.

However, Cavaliere says that people with shoulder problems will struggle with a wide grip on the bench press.

2. Behind the Neck Press

According to Cavaliere, the unnatural position of this movement will, over time, damage your shoulders. However, the way Arnold did was extremely difficult and less problematic for the shoulders.

The best variation is to do the overhead press with the barbell in front of your body.

3. Pull-ups

One of the best pull exercises. If it is too easy for you – if you can get more than 15 reps – but some weight around your waist.

4. Barbell Curl

If you want to have bigger biceps, eventually you need to do curls and the barbell is the best one to maximise and overload your biceps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 Favourite Exercises

5. Sit-ups

Yes. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 favourite exercises include the sit-ups. Instead of doing what Arnold did, which was 200 repetitions a day, you can make it more efficient – with weighted sit-up.

6. Barbell Squats

Heavy squats can build substantial leg power and Arnold Schwarzenegger relied on the barbell squats to do so.

However, if you have knee problems, you can do a barbell reverse lunge.

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