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I started my Crossfit journey in 2014 when I was 41. My coach opened his own affiliate, he had been talking about it for a while and used the methodology in his own programming, which I had been doing for about six months. I dubiously signed up but believed in his passion and commitment to Crossfit and never looked back. I had always dabbled a little with yoga, boot camps, body pump, running and while I enjoyed it, generally lost interest and motivation at around six weeks. With Crossfit the constant variation and development of functional fitness really makes sense and I have never been fitter or felt stronger. I completely changed my lifestyle to keep up with the demands of the programme- stopped smoking, cut way back on alcohol and completely rethought my diet. I have become an immediate convert and rarely missed a day’s training, despite the soreness, fatigue and time commitment and now fervently believe that everyone should challenge and question their capacity for fitness. The variety in the programming has something to offer and challenge all. I got my Level 1 certificate a year later in 2015 and have been gaining experience in my own affiliate as a coach ever since. As a professional, single mother of a sixteen year old boy, it gives me great pride when he, without any irony, told me that annoying as I am, he really envies my muscles! Cheers Crossfit!

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