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Crossfit Regionals Update – The Best in the West

The West Regionals have also had numerous withdraws. Ben Stoneberg won Event 1 and showed his impressive form, but was not able to move through the Ring-Dips in Event 2. 10 Athletes, 8 Men and 2 Women did not finish their workouts.

The 10 Games Competitors

Led by Carleen Mathews (who will go to her 3rd CrossFit Games) the Women’s field is spiked with Games Veterans apart from one surprise.

Alongside Regan Huckaby (who qualifies for for her 3rd Games), Emily Abbott (4th Games) and Carly Fuhrer (2nd Games in a row) is Casey Campell. The 31 year old from CROSSFIT SEVEN CITIES finished 3965th in the 2014 Open, 771th in 2015 and then cut it to the 2016 Regionals with an 21th finish. This year she finished in 5th overall and will compete at the 2017 CrossFit Games.


It was a strong weekend for “The Professor”. With his second Regionals win, Brent Fikowski made a final statement that proves he belongs at the top and is a strong contender for the CrossFit Games podium. With 2 Event wins on Saturday and a Event Record in Workout 3, he dominated the field throughout the entire weekend.

  • Fikowski was followed by 21 year old Samuel Kwant who kept his performances moving forwards and made it to his 2nd Games.
  • Cody Anderson narrowly missed out on his Games spot in the last two years, finished 6th at each Regional. Now he is on his way to The Games for his second appearance after competing in 2014.
  • Cole Sager came 4th. Not a big surprise that he sprints to his 4th CrossFit Games.
  • George Sanchez however is a surprise. With a Event win in the last and final Event, he obtains a 4 points lead to following Mitchel Stevenson and will go to his first ever Games ever.

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