Is Brent Fikowski About to Have His Best CrossFit Games Yet?

Coming off the back off a very dramatic virtual Semifinal, Canada’s Brent Fikowski; the ‘Professor’ of the CrossFit world; might be about to have his best Games ever.

Speaking to CrossFit’s Sean Woodland, Fikowski acknowledged that his performance at the CrossFit Atlas Games was turbulent to say the least. For a recap, Fikowski finished Day 1 of the virtual competition in 15th place after two disappointing finishes in Workout 1 & 2.

“I would definitely prefer it not be that interesting. Going into it I did know that the last events were going to be my best events, so I expected my points to go worst event, little better, little better, which is pretty much how it ended up.”

Following the disappointing start, Fikowski pulled it back with two first place finishes Workout 4 & 5, bringing his points up to fifth place and earning himself a qualifying spot at the CrossFit Games.

Is Brent Fikowski About to Have His Best Games Yet?

This will be Brent Fikowski’s big return to in-person competition since Dubai 2019, and he’s looking at upcoming Games as his best yet.

“If you go in with that mentality, thinking that this is going to be my favourite CrossFit Games, I’m just going to give it everything I have, you can’t lose.”

Another reason this could be Fikowski’s best Games yet is that his training is going well, and he’s excited to showcase things he hasn’t been able to put on display yet.

Known as the Professor due to his methodical approach to CrossFit and training, 2021 will be Brent Fikowski’s sixth appearance at the CrossFit Games, with his biggest achievement being a 2nd place podium finish in 2017, flanked by two 4th place finishes in 2016 and 2018. With Mat Fraser out, he will be one of the one’s to watch the battle for the Fittest on Earth at the end of July.

Brent Fikowski: Road to the Games 2021

Training from his home gym in British Columbia, Brent Fikowski shared the first episode of his road to the Games. Taking on handstand push-ups, the peg board, and assault bike — as well as reminding himself what it feels like to have a camera in your face as you do your workouts, which is what happens when you hit the field at Madison.

He ends his training day with a run on the sand and a swim in the lake, an important aspect of training for most Games athletes right now given what we know about Event 1 and Event 3

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