Weathering the Storm: How CrossFit Benefitted From the Pandemic

Looking back over the past year, we can glean a good amount of positives which have helped shape the future of CrossFit for the better.

Squat Warm-Up: The Ultimate Guide for Elite Athletes and Beginners

This squat warm-up guide will help you during snatches, deadlifts, clean and jerks, or just a normal squat.

Functional Fitness Swimming Workouts

Add this excellent full body conditioning exercise into your training.

Strategy in CrossFit: A Full Guide on Pacing, Knowing When to Push and What to Look Out for in Each Workout

How do you know when to go all out, when to pace yourself and how to break up workouts? We’ve compiled a full guide of strategy tips to help you achieve the best times and results.

CrossFit® and Weightlifting Tips from CrossFit Games® Winner Ben Smith

Ben Smith has been to The CrossFit Games® 10 times and is a former Champion, taking the top spot on the podium in 2015. He finished second in 2016 and third in 2011 and 2013.

Drugs in CrossFit® Part 2 – An Innocent Athlete’s Story

The true story of an athlete whose drug test was positive but didn’t intentionally dope. BOXROX explores what it’s like to have your integrity called into question and what happens after athletes are banned from competition, featuring Kelli Holm.

Mental and Physical Conditioning Tips and Workouts from CrossFit Games® Athlete Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh is a 2x CrossFit Games® athlete from the UK and the mastermind behind Prepared Programming.

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