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Dave Castro Posts Clue for CrossFit Open Workout 20.3


The CrossFit Open workout 20.3 will be announced tonight (here’s how to watch it) and Dave Castro has shared his third clue.


We’re now half-way through the Open and this time, while it might be hard to guess the workout (as always), we reckon we can all agree the outcome of this won’t be pretty.

Earlier in the week Castro shared his thoughts on 20.2, a workout he hadn’t tested before. To finish off, he was kind enough to warn “next week’s gonna suck” with a pleased smile.



As usual, Chandler Smith takes the win:

“Some people would say that if I spent as much time training as I do breaking down Dave’s clues , I’d not have sucked so hard for 20.2. Those folks are wrong. I’d have easily won the workout. But the easy road is not the one to take, and that’s why Dave switches the workout after I’d predicted it successfully. Kudos Dave.

“This isn’t about me though. Let’s talk clues. The common theme of the items in this photo is disrepair. There are rips and breaks evident throughout. This of course, refers to what will happen to our collective hands in doing the many chest to bar pull ups this workout will require. Looking more deeply at the smashed bits of glass let’s us know that there will be a weight heavy enough to smash the illusions of the little people (me included) who’ve thrived to this point in the Open.

“The movement in question is CLEARly a heavy clean of some sort. Finally, the wire abundantly found in the picture bears close resemblance to the chain we will yank on our rowers. Since Dave posted this just after 1000 PT I give it as my fixed opinion that we will have a ten minute AMRAP of the aforementioned movements. God help us all.”

The CrossFit Community also added their guesses as to what this signifies

  • “Ah, a 1921 Ford with 15 valve engine and 9 pistons. So clearly a 21/15/9.”
  • “It’s an old car, a classic, perhaps a redo from a previous open”
  • “Okay these are so pointless”

Jacob Heppner posted his own clue, claiming it made more sense than Castro’s anyway:


What do you think we’ll see for 20.3? Let us know on the comment section below.

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