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How Much Money Did Athletes Earn at the 2023 CrossFit Games

This is what CrossFit will pay the athletes after a week packed with events.

The official CrossFit season is over after a week full of excitement for the lovers of the Sport. The CrossFit Games crowned Jeff Adler as the Fittest Man on Earth and Laura Horvath as the Fittest Woman on Earth. But how much cash prize are each of the athletes getting? Find out below.

If you missed out on the action, you can see the recap for individuals on the last day of the CrossFit Games here.

As previously reported by BOXROX, the cash prize for this year’s CrossFit Games increased from U$ 2.845 million to 2.945 million. Although there was an increase overall, only athletes placed 1st through 9th saw any change compared to last year’s.

How Much Money Did Athletes Earn at the 2023 CrossFit Games

From 1st to 40th place in the individual divisions, athletes will receive a fixed amount of cash. However, The top 3 athletes in any given event would also receive an increment to their final prize purse:

  1. $3,000
  2. $2,000
  3. $1,000

Below is how much money each athlete earned after the 2023 CrossFit Games.


AthletePlacementCash PrizeEvents Cash PrizeTotal
Jeff Adler1315,00010,000$325,000
Pat Vellner2125,0005,000$130,000
Roman Khrennikov385,0007,000$92,000
Brent Fikowski460,0005,000$65,000
Dallin Pepper545,0003,000$48,000
Jonne Koski640,0008,000$48,000
Chandler Smith735,000 $35,000
Jay Crouch832,0001,000$33,000
Lazar Dukic929,0003,000$32,000
Jelle Hoste1026,0004,000$30,000
BK Gudmundsson1120,000 $20,000
Bayley Martin1218,0001,000$19,000
Justin Medeiros1315,0004,000$19,000
Will Moorad1414,0002,000$16,000
Samuel Kwant1513,0004,000$17,000
Noah Ohlsen1612,000 $12,000
Spencer Panchik1711,000 $11,000
Colten Mertens1810,0003,000$13,000
Nick Mathew199,0001,000$10,000
Uldis Upenieks208,000 $8,000
Moritz Fiebig217,000 $7,000
Samuel Cournoyer226,750 $6,750
Fabian Beneito236,500 $6,500
Henrik Haapalainen246,250 $6,250
Majes Sprague256,000 $6,000
Bronislaw Olenkowicz265,7502,000$7,750
Jack Farlow275,5005,000$10,500
Luke Parker285,250 $5,250
David Shorunke295,000 $5,000
Ant Haynes304,750 $4,750
Jayson Hopper314,500 $4,500
Kalyan Souza324,250 $4,250
Cole Greashaber334,0003,000$7,000
Cole Sager343,750 $3,750
Alex Vigneault353,500 $3,500
Michal Wesolowski363,250 $3,250
Kaique Cerveny373,000 $3,000
Jake Douglas382,750 $2,750
Arthur Semenov392,500 $2,500
Source: Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc


AthletePlacementCash PrizeEvents Cash PrizeTotal
Laura Horvath1315,00017,000$332,000
Emma Lawson2125,0006,000$131,000
Arielle Loewen385,0005,000$90,000
Gabriela Migala460,0001,000$61,000
Alex Gazan545,0006,000$51,000
Alexis Raptis640,0002,000$42,000
Katrin Davidsdottir735,0004,000$39,000
Emma Cary832,0004,000$36,000
Danielle Brandon929,0005,000$34,000
Paige Powers1026,0001,000$27,000
Emma Tall1120,0004,000$24,000
Emily Rolfe1218,0005,000$23,000
Annie Thorisdottir1315,000 $15,000
Karin Freyova1414,0001,000$15,000
Bethany Flores1513,000 $13,000
Olivia Kerstetter1612,0004,000$16,000
Paige Semenza1711,000 $11,000
Shelby Neal1810,000 $10,000
Elisa Fuliano199,0002,000$11,000
Jamie Simmonds208,0003,000$11,000
Kelly Baker217,000 $7,000
Christine Kolenbrander226,7502,000$8,750
Seher Kaya236,500 $6,500
Amanda Barnhart246,250 $6,250
Rebecka Vitteson256,000 $6,000
Abigail Domit265,750 $5,750
Caroline Stanley275,500 $5,500
Sydney Wells285,250 $5,250
Baylee Rayl295,000 $5,000
Alexia Williams304,750 $4,750
Ellie Turner314,500 $4,500
Feroozeh Saghafi324,250 $4,250
Matilde Garnes334,000 $4,000
Ella Wunger343,750 $3,750
Manon Angonese353,500 $3,500
Michelle Basnett363,250 $3,250
Victoria Campos373,000 $3,000
Shahad Budebs382,750 $2,750
Emily de Rooy392,500 $2,500
Emma McQuaid402,250 $2,250
Source: Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc


In the team’s division, there wasn’t any additional cash prize allocated per event. Only the overall placement would dictate how much money each team would earn at the 2023 CrossFit Games.

  1. CrossFit Invictus – $100,000
  2. CrossFit Eash Nashville PRVN – $75,000
  3. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue – $45,000
  4. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy – $30,000
  5. No Shortcuts CrossFit – $25,000
  6. CrossFit Walleye Athlete – $15,000
  7. CrossFit Mayhem Independence – $12,000
  8. CrossFit OBA – $9,000
  9. CrossFit Omnia – $6,000
  10. CrossFit Prestanda – $3,000


Masters athletes will receive the same payout as last year’s.

Masters 35-39:

1st place – $25,000

2nd place – $10,000

3rd place – $5,000

Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64:

1st place – $10,000

2nd place – $5,000

3rd place – $3,000

Masters 65+

1st place – $5,000

2nd place – $3,000

3rd place – $2,000

Total for all men’s and women’s Masters divisions: $280,000.


Podium finishers of all adaptive divisions will earn the same amount of money.

Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Neuromuscular, Vision, Intellectual, Seated Without Hip Function, Seated With Hip Function, Short Stature

1st – $5,000

2nd – $3,000

3rd – $2,000

Total for men’s and women’s adaptive divisions: $160,000.

Adaptive and Age Group Athletes Crowned Fittest On Earth at the 2023 CrossFit Games

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