Thruster – Learn How To Like it

Ask any Crossfitter what’s their favourite MetCon movement combination is and you definitely won’t get the following answer: burpee + thruster.

Combined of a front squat and push press, thruster is not technically demanding as it’s usually done in higher reps with a lower weight – included in WODs to consume your energy and strength for the movements following. Remember Fran: thrusters + pull-ups?

How-To Thruster is presented together with our friends from Scitec nutrition.

1. Getting started – load the bar with a clean

The starting position for thrusters is the front squat, but to get into it you need to load the bar on your shoulders using the clean.

Start with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Align the bar over the balls of your toes. Grab the bar with your hands outside of your shins. Use the hook grip, turn your elbows out. Engage the core, clean the weight up and receive the barbell in a front squat position.


Reminder – work on basics: solid front squat, getting comfortable with cleaning and receiving the weight in the squat position, having the control throughout the whole movement.

2. Front squat

Once you get into the lowest position of the movement – front squat, keep your weight on the heels, hold your elbows up and stand up – drive up with your hips (force generator). Use the force you generate from the squat to thrust the weight over head.


3. Overhead position

From the bottom explode up to the straight stand-up position. Use the momentum to “throw” the bar over your head –thrust up from your shoulders. Keep you core engage – midline stabilization!


Return down for more reps.


Flexibility issues mean lower efficiency

A lot of people have troubles with not being flexible enough to do a technically correct front squat (especially with lower weights). The bar needs rest on your shoulders so you can lift the weight up using your whole body, not just your arms (which is more strength consuming). If you fit into this category, make sure your work on you flexibility daily: to improve your efficiency and safety with the movement.

Kelly Starrett’s tutorials can help you with that:


WODs with thrusters:

Open WOD 14.5
(for time)
Thrusters (43/29kg)

(for time)
Thrusters (43/ 29kg)

(for time)
1000m row
50 thrusters (20kg)
30 pull-ups



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