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Two Additional Teams, Including Sigmundsdottir and Khrennikov, Confirmed at Wodapalooza

Christmas has arrived for lovers of CrossFit.

The Wodapalooza’s team competition is the gift that keeps on giving. Another two teams with elite-level CrossFit athletes have been confirmed to compete in Miami this year with Sigmundsdottir in one team and Khrennikov as part of another.

The team’s CrossFit competition at Wodapalooza is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year. Two days ago BOXROX reported that Mal O’Brien, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir have teamed up and now we see not one, but two additional teams forming to take on Miami.

Sara Sigmundsdottir, Emily Rolfe and Katelyn van Zyl – Spacer’s Angels

Late afternoon yesterday, three female CrossFit Games athletes shared a video announcing they were teaming up for Wodapalooza this January: Sara Sigmundsdottir, Emily Rolfe and Katelyn van Zyl.

Sara Sigmundsdottir is well-known within the CrossFit community. She is arguably one of the best female CrossFit athletes that have been in the Sport for a while, but hasn’t made it past 3rd place at the Games.

For the past two years, Sigmundsdottir has struggled with injuries. Her last appearance at the Games was in 2020 when she finished 21st. This year, she narrowly missed going to the Games and finished 12th at the Last-Chance Qualifier. This could be the comeback she promised earlier.

Emily Rolfe is another elite-level individual CrossFit athlete who also had a tough time due to injury. She made it to the Games this year, but had to withdraw after the first event after suffering a severe blood clot in her left arm. However, she competed at Dubai Fitness Championship and came out 3rd.

Katelyn van Zyl might be the lesser-known name in the team, but that is not to say she is less experienced than the two. The Australian athlete has been part of the CrossFit Open since 2013. She has been to the Games 3 times, in 2019, 2021 and 2022, but only the first time as an individual. She was part of the team CrossFit Urban Energy and finished 7th at the Games last year. She was also the winner of Wodapalooza Online Challenge.

Willy Georges, Roman Khrennikov and Jay Crouch

Willy Georges, Roman Khrennikov and Jay Crouch have also been confirmed as a team for Wodapalooza this January. And all three athletes competed individually this year at the Games.

Khrennikov took the Games by the horns and, in his first time competing in-person, he came out as the 2nd Fittest Man on Earth. He is joined by Fittest man in France Willy Georges and Fittest man in Australia Jay Crouch.

More Elite Teams at 2023 Wodapalooza

The 2023 Wodapalooza is taking place in Miami on January 12-15. This tournament is regarded as the biggest one for CrossFit athletes that kicks off the new year. Although most of the time people are excited about the individual athletes competing, the team division will draw a lot of attention from lovers of the Sport.

This is not the first team comprised of elite-level CrossFit athletes that will compete at Wodapalooza in Miami. So far, these are the teams confirmed for the competition with notable CrossFit Games athletes:

For the women’s side:

Mal O’Brien, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir

Brooke Wells, Kristi Eramo O’Connell and Amanda Barnhart

Danielle Brandon, Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson

Kari Pearce, Arielle Loewen and Alex Gazan

Christine Kolenbrander, Alexis Raptis and Fee Saghafi

For the men’s side:

Rich Froning, Tyler Christophel and Samuel Cournoyer

Ben Smith, Alec Smith and Dane Smith

Brent Fikowski, Pat Vellner and Jeff Adler

Ricky Garard, Tim Paulson and Matt Dlugos

Cole Sager, Jayson Hopper and James Sprague

Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer and Chandler Smith

Are you excited about the 2023 Wodapalooza?

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