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The Most Effective 100 Rep Arm Workout

Build incredible arms in only 100 reps.

Check out the most effective 100 rep arm workout for massive muscle gains.

It has been designed and explained by Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean X.

The 100 Rep Arm Workout

“The one hundred arm workout requires all out effort, but the results are nothing short of amazing if you follow the biceps and triceps exercises and protocols shown here. As always a solid arm workout should consist of exercises for your biceps and triceps but also not forget to hit those other arm muscles like the brachialis and forearm muscles.  That said, even that doesn’t make this workout for arms complete.  In order to fill up your shirt sleeves with a well rounded workout you need to spend more time focusing on the reps that actually count to help you get bigger arms. That is what we do in this workout.”

Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Mixing Things Up – 100 Rep Arm Workout

“If you look at most arm workouts people perform, they usually consist of the same arm exercises. The issue isn’t necessarily what you’re doing but how you’re doing them. In order to increase the intensity of the workouts you are doing you have to focus on increasing the intensity of each set you perform. Consider that in a normal set of 12 reps that only the last 2-3 are actually hard enough to provide enough stimulus for muscle growth.”

Growth Producing Reps – 100 Rep Arm Workout

“What if you had a way that allowed you to more quickly tap into those harder, more growth producing reps more quickly? You do, by incorporating a rest pause technique into your training. Here, when the set is resumed you are instantly back to recruiting more type II fibers which are more easily able to respond to your hard work in the form of new size. The accumulation of these more difficult, effective reps is what can easily help you to increase the size of your arms while decreasing the length of your workout.”

Quickly Intensify Your Training – 100 Rep Arm Workout

“With the arm workout technique shown here and in this series, you’re going to more quickly intensify your training and lead to faster growth in your arms.”

Strategy – 100 Rep Arm Workout

“Perform a set of the biceps or triceps exercises shown below to 12 rep failure. Choose a weight that will cause you to fail at or close to the 12 rep mark.”

“Keep in mind, failure is the inability to perform another concentric repetition without sacrificing form to the point where the exercise either becomes unsafe or unrecognizable. This is called the ignition set.”

“At this point, the real work begins. Rest for just 15 seconds as part of a somewhat prolonged rest/pause. As soon as these 15 seconds are up, get back into another set. You will instantly recognize that the reps will be challenging more quickly due to the decreased recovery time allowed.”

“You are still using the same load however, therefore your arms are still being subjected to the same external load. However, many reps you get after each of these rest/pause increments are all deemed to be effective reps. Each bout should be taken to failure. Accumulate 20 effective reps (or in some cases below, 10 reps), even if you’re getting just 1 out at a time until your work on that exercise is complete.”

“If for some reason you are unable to complete any more reps on your way to 20, end your set and aim to complete all 20 the next time you perform this workout.”

Workout Construction – 100 Rep Arm Workout

“Here is how to construct the 100 rep arm workout with that in mind.”

  • Barbell Curls – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • DB JM Press – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • DB Cross Body Hammer Curls – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • Triceps Pushdowns – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
  • Weighted Upright Dips – Ignition Set into 10 Effective Reps of Paused Upright Dips as a Rest/Pause
  • Biceps Chin Ups – Ignition Set into 10 Effective Reps of Negative Chin Hangs as a Rest/Pause
  • Optional: Hell in a Hundred x 100 reps Banded Biceps Curls with Banded Overhead Triceps Extensions

“All totalled, this will amount to 100 effective reps in this intense arm workout with the finisher as an option for those who are truly looking for a workout that will blast their arms and might require new t-shirts.”

“If you have to adjust your weights down as the fatigue mounts, do so accordingly. You are not necessarily using your 12 rep max on an exercise, you are using a weight that will cause you to fail at the 12 rep mark in that given workout. Fatigue accumulating in the later arm exercises of this workout may cause you to have to drop down a bit to make this happen throughout the workout.”

Video – 100 Rep Arm Workout

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Muscles of the arms

The arms consist of three major muscle groups: the biceps, triceps, and deltoids. The biceps are located on the front of your upper arm (also known as the flexor group). The triceps are located on the back side of your upper arm (also known as extensor group). Both muscle groups attach to a bone called the humerus which is part of the shoulder joint. Both muscle groups connect to other bones in order to help move your arms during activities such as lifting weights or sports.

100 Rep Arm Workout – Biceps

The biceps is a long, narrow muscle that makes up most of the upper arm. The biceps originates at two points: on the scapula near its spine and on your humerus (upper arm bone). From there it passes down through a groove in your shoulder blade as it travels toward your elbow joint.

The biceps’ primary function is to flex your forearm when your elbow is bent and supinated (palm facing upward). In addition, the muscle assists in helping you bring food to your mouth while eating and helps with some shoulder movements such as abduction—the pulling away from the center line of body—and adduction—the bringing together of two body segments back toward their center lines.

100 Rep Arm Workout – Triceps

The triceps brachii is its own muscle, and it has three heads (heads refers to the origin and insertion). The lateral head originates at the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula and inserts on olecranon process of the ulna. It works to extend your arm.

The medial head originates at the posterior surface of humerus and inserts on olecranon process of ulna; it works alongside lateral head when extending your arm.

The long head comes from axillary fossa between coracoid process & first rib (anterior part) & ipsilateral clavicle (posterior part), then inserts distally onto greater tuberosity; this movement functions with both long & medial heads as well as lateral head during extension movements in arms which pull against resistance such as pulling back a bow string or pushing against something heavy like a weight bench or machine at gym for example

100 Rep Arm Workout – Deltoids

The deltoid is the muscle that forms the rounded contours of the shoulder, and it’s also the largest muscle of your upper arm. It plays an important role in shoulder joint motion, as well as arm movement.

Deltoid exercises include lateral raises, overhead presses and front raises.

Conclusion – 100 Rep Arm Workout

You can use these exercises to strengthen your arm muscles and improve your posture, balance and flexibility.

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