3 Chin-Up Variations For Bigger Biceps

Improve your pulling power with these exercises.

Check out 3 chin-up variations for bigger biceps that you are probably not doing.

If you want to train your biceps, you need to do curls. Well, that is partially correct as any curl variation will help you develop your biceps.

What most people don’t think about or simply forget is the good old chin-up, a variation of the pull-up bodyweight exercise that hits your biceps instead of your back.

Although you might know how to do the traditional one, there are a couple of slight variations of the movement that you probably never heard of and should try.

These 3 chin-up variations for bigger biceps were first shared by Tom Merrick, a YouTube fitness influencer passionate about strength training and calisthenics. He is also the founder of the website Bodyweight Warrior in which he wants to help people achieve their fitness goals, whether they are just starting out or are advanced athletes.

3 Chin-Up Variations For Bigger Biceps

1. Sternum Chin-Up

This can be referred to as the Gironda chin-up or the perfect chin-up. The start is similar to a normal chin-up, halfway through the movement it begins to look more like a straight-arm lat pullover, and at the top of the position you try to bring that sternum to the bar as opposed to just getting the chin over the bar.

For Merrick, this is the king of compound pulling movements. This exercise works a lot on your scapular, the ability to draw your shoulder blades back and together.

You can play around with the grip width, the wider you go the harder it becomes.

2. 1 and a Quarter Chin-Up

If you have a weak point at either the top or the bottom of the traditional chin-up, this is the variation for you and that is why it’s part of Merrick’s list of 3 chin-up variations for bigger biceps.

 3 Chin-Up Variations For Bigger BicepsSource: Gordon Cowie / Unsplash

You simply do a normal chin-up and then add a quarter of a chin-up either at the top of the movement or at the bottom, depending on where you want to improve. The tempo should be a little bit slower than normal chin-ups.

3. Grip n’ Rip Chin-Up

This is an explosive variation of the chin-up. According to Merrick, not only the weight of what you lift will make you stronger, but also how fast you can do it, so it is good to try to lift something, perhaps lighter, with more speed – this will also improve your strength overall.

For this movement, you want to grip the bar hard and then try to apply as much force as possible as quickly as possible trying to do the pull-up, getting the head as high as you can and as fast as you can.

Do this variation not for reps, but rather for speed and stop once you notice that the speed at which you are pulling yourself up is decreasing.

And those were Tom Merrick’s 3 chin-up variations for bigger biceps. Click on the video below to see how to perform each one of the correctly and add them to your training routine.

VIDEO – 3 Chin-Up Variations For Bigger Biceps

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