Juan Acevedo

PhD. CossFit Certified Trainer (CF L3), Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach. Humanist, Destroyer of Negative Narratives, Constructor of Positive Change. I specialize in aligning the mindset, fitness, and nutrition habits of my clients. Superpower: awesome learner. Founder of SelfMastery Training.


Latest articles

Why Is Mental Fitness Important in CrossFit?

Mental fitness extends further than your ability to suffer through workouts, and training your mind is just as important as your physical training in your path to becoming a better athlete.

CrossFit And Age – How to Coach Older Athletes

When fitness training is synonym of perpetual improvement it’s hard to accept natural performance declines with age, but this shouldn’t stop Master athletes and their coaches on their athletic pursues.

What Over a Decade of Coaching Has Taught Me

Lessons learnt by Level 3 CrossFit coach, Juan Acevedo, in his decade-long journey as a teacher and coach.

Three Characteristics that Define a Great Coach

All coaches should strive to achieve these attributes to ensure their coaching has a meaningful impact. How does your coach match up?

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