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Who Was the Fittest? Comparing Athletes of All Online Semifinals

BOXROX compared the numbers from the athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games through an online Semifinal event.

Who are the fittest athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games this year? BOXROX compiled the numbers and came up with a list comparing athletes who competed in an online Semifinal event this year to come up with the answer.

Such a comparison is only possible because all CrossFit online Semifinal workouts were the same for athletes who competed in one of these tournaments: Brazil CrossFit Championship, CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, CrossFit German Throwdown, CrossFit Atlas Games, and Asia Invitational CrossFit.

The events that took place in the United States and Europe qualified 15 male and 15 female for the CrossFit Games, while BCC and the Asia Invitational each qualified 2 more, totalling 19 athletes from each division.

Here is what we learned when comparing the numbers of all 19 athletes to discover who are the fittest online athletes going to the CrossFit Games. If you want to know how we came up with these numbers, click here.

Key Takeaways – Comparing Athletes

  • German Throwdown gives us the fittest athletes

The German Throwdownprovided us with the fittest athletes in all three continents compared. Jonne Koski and Kristin Holte finished on top.

Jonne-Koski CrossFit Open workout 19.5
Comparing athletes online semifinals
Jonne Koski

The Finnish athlete won workouts 1 and 3, while also finishing workouts 5 and 6 in the top 3 across all online Semifinals. Holte was best only during workout 3, but finished 2nd on workouts 2, 5 and 6.

Kristin Holte comparing athletes online semifinalsSource: BOXROX
Kristin Holte
  • Fittest women are in Europe

The fittest female athletes who competed in the Semifinals online are from Europe. In the top 10, only three athletes competed outside of the old continent.

This has a direct correlation with past CrossFit Games events, as is rare to see an American female athlete among the top finishers. Last year Kari Pearce finished 3rd in the ultimate fitness test, ending a 5-year drought for American women finishing on the podium.

  • Fittest men are outside of Europe

In contrast, male athletes are the fittest outside of Europe. In the top 10 fittest, only two athletes competed in the German Throwdown, while other athletes are from the Atlas Games, Asia Invitational and Brazil CrossFit Championship.

After Mat Fraser retired, the title of Fittest on Earth is up for grabs and everything is possible. Last year the podium was filled by Americans (with Sam Kwant in 2nd and Justin Medeiros in 3rd). Sam Kwant did not qualify for the CrossFit Games this year following a chronic illness, and Justin Medeiros competed in a live Semifinal. The year before that, we saw Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson finish 3rd at the CrossFit Games.

  • Female Showdown

The meaning of head-to-head competition got literal in the women division. Larissa Cunha, Samantha Briggs and Baylee Rayl had only one point difference between each other.

  • Dominance does not mean fittest…

Agustin Richelme dominated the Brazil CrossFit Championship men’s division. He ended up with 560 points, the highest points awarded to a male athlete who competed in an online event. He was followed by Guilherme Malheiros (548 points). But such dominance did not translate to the overall ranking.

While Agustin Richelme finished first in South America, he ended up 11th in our list comparing with other athletes, three spots behind Guilherme Malheiros.

That is possible because of the scoring system. In this case, Agustin Richelme was 4th in workout 1 and 6th in workout 3 but scored badly in the remaining workouts compared to other athletes.

  • … or perhaps, it does

On the other hand, Kristin Holte was the female athlete who got the most points among every other female athlete who competed in an online Semifinal event. She won 572 points, with Larissa Cunha (who competed in the BCC) coming in second with 560 points in her tournament.

  • Fikowski has epic comeback

Brent Fikowski was the slowest of all 19 athletes to finish workout 1. The Canadian legend, however, tried harder with each workout, winning event 4 and finishing overall in 6th place.

You can check out CrossFit’s leaderboard here.

Men’s Fittest – Comparing Athletes

Here is a list comparing athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games by competing in any of the online Semifinals this year.

1Jonne Koski515German Throwdown
2Patrick Vellner508Atlas Games
3Aleksandar Ilin476Asia Invitational
4Stas Solodov465Asia Invitational
5Jeffrey Adler452Atlas Games
6Brent Fikowski422Atlas Games
7Lazar Dukic418German Throwdown
8Guilherme Malheiros409Brazil CrossFit Championship
9Samuel Cournoyer404Atlas Games
10Alex Vigneault396Atlas Games
11Agustin Richelme371Brazil CrossFit Championship
12Giorgos Karavis366German Throwdown
13Adrian Mundwiller358Lowlands Throwdown
14BK Gudmundsson337Lowlands Throwdown
15Luka Dukic336German Throwdown
16Uldis Upenieks322Lowlands Throwdown
17Henrik Haapalainen319Lowlands Throwdown
18Sam Stewart317Lowlands Throwdown
19Andre Houdet304German Throwdown

Women’s Fittest – Comparing Athletes

1Kristin Holte512German Throwdown
2Emma McQuaid488Lowlands Throwdown
3Jacqueline Dahlstrom484German Throwdown
4Laura Horvath481Lowlands Throwdown
5Gabriela Migala444Lowlands Throwdown
6Annie Thorisdottir436Lowlands Throwdown
7Carolyne Prevost411Atlas Games
8Larissa Cunha383Brazil CrossFit Championship
9Samantha Briggs382German Throwdown
10Baylee Rayl381Atlas Games
11Mekenzie Riley378Atlas Games
12Thuridur Erla Helgadottir373Lowlands Throwdown
13Katrin Davidsdottir370German Throwdown
14Sydney Michalyshen366Atlas Games
15Emilia Leppanen360German Throwdown
16Emily Rolfe354Atlas Games
17Sasha Nievas348Brazil CrossFit Championship
18Svetlana Kubyshkina274Asia Invitational
19Seungyeon Choi273Asia Invitational

Methodology – Comparing Athletes

Here we detail how BOXROX came up with the list of the Fittest Online.

For the purpose of this article, we separated those athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games from all 5 online Semifinal events: Brazil CrossFit Championship, CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, CrossFit German Throwdown, CrossFit Atlas Games, and Asia Invitational CrossFit.

Since all athletes participating in those events had to complete exactly the same workouts, we can compare them.

In a table, we transferred the numbers from CrossFit’s official leader of the top 5 men from CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, CrossFit German Throwdown, CrossFit Atlas Games, and the top 2 men from Brazil CrossFit Championship and Asia Invitational. This adds up to 19 athletes in total, all of whom guaranteed their ticket to the CrossFit Games at the end of July.

Online Semifinal comparing athletesSource: BOXROX

We did the same in the female division.

Online Semifinal comparing athletesSource: BOXROX

After that, it was a matter of comparing numbers. For workouts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, the person with the smallest time would win the event and win 100 points. The second fastest person to finish said workout would win 96 points – this is how CrossFit grades athletes officially.

In case there is a tie, both athletes will get the highest points possible. For example, Brent Fikowski and Aleksandar Ilin both finished workout 6 in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, tied in 4th and 5th place. They both received points for 4th place, which is 88 points.

Workout 4 was AMRAP, meaning the higher the number the better placement an athlete would be. Many athletes scored the same, receiving similar points.

Below you will see the final table with all 19 male and female athletes. The first column is their final rank, followed by their name and their overall points. The six columns after that are the points the athlete received for each workout ranging from 100 (1st place) to 34 points (19th place).

Online Semifinal comparing athletesSource: BOXROX
Online Semifinal comparing athletesSource: BOXROX

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