How To Lose Body Fat With Cardio

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If you are trying to lose weight, the best way is to fix your nutrition. Honestly, I know you clicked here to understand how to lose body fat with cardio and not to learn how to eat to lose weight, but the bottom line is that what you eat will have a bigger impact on how much body fat you can lose compared to any exercise.

However, the underlying fundamental is that to lose weight you need to be burning more calories than you are currently consuming. And while eating less will help you, doing physical activity will increase the amount of calories you are using to keep your body functioning. And that is where cardio can help out, according to Mike Diamonds.

Dr. Mike Diamonds is a retired medical doctor who is now an online fitness coach and a YouTuber. He has close to a million subscribers on his channel and he usually uses his own body transformation as an example of how to help people become their better selves. He is also the creator of the website Sculpt by Science.

He released a video explaining how to lose body fat with cardio. Check out the main points.

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How To Lose Body Fat With Cardio

Diamonds explains how to lose body fat with cardio and how to do it without losing muscle mass.

But first, how much cardio should you be doing? According to him, you should do as much as you need to achieve your goals, but it shouldn’t be so much that impairs your strength training, recovery and health.

According to Dr Mike Diamonds, the best cardio to lose weight and retain muscle is low-impact movement such as an elliptical machine, assault bike or incline walking. One research says that exceeding 30 minutes negatively impacts muscle mass, but that varies from person to person and on the goals one might have.

Diamonds also talks about when to do cardio, how many sessions per week and more. But ultimately, to understand how to lose body fat with cardio, ideally you utilise your energy and glycogen stores on weightlifting and then cardio for an optimal outcome.

how to combine HIIT and LISS to lose fat faster

The doctor says an example of doing this is to do strength training in the morning and the cardio session in the evening. “You give the body opportunity for it to recover and thus improve its overall performance.”

Setting cardio sessions on non-lifting days can also give you extra benefits. To understand better how to lose body fat with cardio, which type of cardio, how often to do it and more, click on the video below.

VIDEO – How To Lose Body Fat With Cardio

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