Amalia Oruno adaptive crossfit

Amalia Ortuño – WheelWOD World Champion and Wodapalooza Winner

The Costa Rican native is part of a team of athletes redefining the possibilities of adaptive CrossFit.

The 34-year old-athlete is WheelWOD’s World Champion in her category. Equivalent to the CrossFit Games for adaptive athletes, Amalia took the top spot after winning four out of the seven events.

More recently, Amalia also won the Adaptive Rx Seated division at Wodapalooza, where she competed against seven other women and won four of the seven workouts, and was a runner up in the other three.

Box Latino Magazine had the pleasure to talk with this impressive athlete, below the full interview:

Who is Amalia Ortuño?

I’m 34-years-old and am an interior designer. Nowadays I also practise adaptive CrossFit.

Tell us a little about your disability.

I’ve got a disease called evolutionary hip dysplasia, which is a progressive degenerative condition.

What has your sporting life been like?

I was a ballerina and a gymnast at a young age, I also practised swimming and athletics. After that I moved on to triathlons and I’m now fully committed to adaptive CrossFit.

What’s your training as a CrossFit athlete like?

My preparations involve single CrossFit sessions some days. Other days I do two or three session, and combine them with swimming and wheelchair sessions. I increase loads according to competition dates and have clear goals.

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What was your experience like at Wodapalooza?

That was an incredible and challenging experience. It allowed me to meet and share with great people and outstanding athletes.

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WODAPALOOZA 2020 🥇🏆 Tanto que agradecer y a tantas personas que agradecer!!! Esto lo celebro hoy yo, pero es así gracias al apoyo de tanta gente increíble que ha creído en mi y me ha apoyado sin dudarlo! Familia, amigos y marcas que me acompañan. 3 días de competencia en donde aprendí muchísimo y disfruté aún más! 3 días que resumen el trabajo de meses, las muchas horas de entrenamiento, los sacrificios, y todo lo que significa ponerse una meta y llegar a cumplirla. Feliz del resultado, pero sobretodo feliz de poder compartir esto con todos! Gracias por tanto apoyo 🇨🇷, gracias por creer en mi. Hoy cierro un ciclo, pero empieza uno nuevo, en donde hay mucho más que aprender y mejorar, pero decidida a luchar de nuevo para tener el mejor resultado 💪🏻💪🏻 @camilobg10 gracias amor por apoyarme tantísimo siempre ♥️ @aranasaenz gracias coach por creer en mi y por tantas horas invertidas para lograr hoy este resultado 💪🏻 Gracias @katgp90 por apuntarte a venir siempre y apoyarme tantísimo!!! 😍 . . #wodapalooza2020 #miami #wzamiami #crossfit #adaptive #seated #rx #adaptiveathlete #atletaadaptado #costarica🇨🇷 #firstplace #wheelwod

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What are your plans for 2020?

Next up I’m competing at FitLand in Colombia. It’s a competition that excites me a lot, as it leaves a positive message about inclusion and perspective, as we compete side by side against able-bodies athletes.

In June I’ve got to defend my title at the WheelWOD Games in Minnesota.

And in November I’ve got the Copa Independencia in Costa Rica, another competition which opened an adaptive division in 2019.

To finish off, Amalia asked the Latin American community to always be persevering, follow their dreams no matter how high they might be and, most importantly, to live life to the fullest.

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