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ChatGPT Creates a CrossFit Workout for Beginners

We used a robot to come up with a workout with minimal equipment.

Check out the CrossFit workout for beginners that ChatGPT has created.

ChatGPT has become a useful tool in the past few weeks. And sometimes you are just tired of searching online for the perfect workout, or some light and motivation to get you moving and burning calories.

For that, surprisingly, you can use ChatGPT too. See it for yourself.

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What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands for chat generative pre-trained transformer. It is a chatbot, an artificial intelligent robot, that interacts in a conversational way.

You can use it for multiple purposes, from creating a short story, checking a code you’ve written, to write jokes or CVs.

But since BOXROX is all about health and fitness, of course we decided to use it for that purpose.

ChatGPT Creates a CrossFit Workout for Beginners

Although ChatGPT is a conversational robot, we at BOXROX decided to take away the “not so-important” bits of the conversation. We simply went to their website and wrote “create a CrossFit workout for beginners.” This is what it came up with:

3 rounds of the following exercises:

Finish with a 5-minute cool down stretch.

The AI did warn that this workout can be done “at home with minimal equipment.”

Alternative Chest ExercisesSource: Domagoj Bregant on Pexels

And that is what ChatGPT came up with when we asked him to create a CrossFit workout for beginners. Know that this is not an absolute answer, as in if you text the same thing to their conversation generator, the robot will likely come up with something different.

BOXROX’s Opinion on the ChatGPT CrossFit Workout

To be frank, it is not a bad workout, but it is also not great. The workout planned above by ChaGPT is intended for complete beginners, as it would seem.

Dissecting the movements, we see:

  • Two exercises for the lower body – goblet squats and air squats
  • One exercise for the upper body – push-ups
  • 2 exercises for the abs – sit-ups and plank hold

It would have been nicer to see another upper body exercise in the mix to balance it well. Perhaps dips that could target either the chest or triceps or the classic chin-up or pull-up.

There isn’t any conditioning movement in the workout either. CrossFit is known to test different abilities of its athletes, but we don’t see that here. One exercise that could tackle that, targeting the entire body, is the burpee.

It would also seem like this is not exactly geared towards CrossFit athletes, but rather anyone. In BOXROX we wouldn’t call the workout above a “CrossFit workout” as we don’t tend to see plank holds in WODs.

chatgpt creates CrossFit workout Source: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

However, if you are a complete beginner, you should definitely try this workout. You can be more specific and ask for a workout with a specific movement such as a bench press or with running involved.

What did you think of the AI CrossFit workout for a beginner? Are you going for it?

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