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The 10 Most Popular BOXROX Articles for Female Crossfitters

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1. 5 Problems Only Girls Who Lift Will Understand

2. 15 Reasons Why ALL Women should do Strength Training

3. Motivation Tips for Female Crossfitters: Train Hard and Love Yourself

4. Brooke Wells: 6 Tips to become a better Crossfitter

5. Female Athletes: A Guide to Menstrual Cycle, Hormonal Changes and Proper Recovery

6. Crossfit Chicks: The Paradox

7. 7 Problems that Female Crossfitters Face

8. Kick Ass Dottirs: 7 Lesser Known Icelandic Athletes

9. A Sport for Everyone: How Crossfit promotes Gender Equality

10. Love Yourself because Weight Loss is not a Destination

5 Problems Only Girls Who Lift Will Understand

“As we begin to change, some people around us might struggle. Especially when changes happen for the better: like starting to say “no”, becoming more confident, and standing up for ourselves and our values.”

“From feeling big around girls who don’t lift through to listening to the erroneous idea that we no longer look feminine, these problems seem to be universal. Which other ones have affected you?”


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