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Fun Paddleboard WODs you Must Try

Paddleboard WODs are a great way to add variety, fun and new challenges to your training.

Paddleboard WODs are a great way to add variety, fun and new challenges to your training.

Try adding the following workouts into your training.

Also feel free to adapt them to suit the landscapes in which you live.

Paddleboard WODs – Swim Paddle

Swim Paddle was the 9th event at the 2019 CrossFit Games.

For Time

  • 1000 metre Swim
  • 1000 metre Paddle

Time Cap: 50 minutes

Madison Triplus

The Madison Triplus was the 8th event at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

For Time

  • 500 metre Swim
  • 1000 metre Paddle
  • 2000 metre Run

Time Cap: 40 minutes

Feel free to adapt this workout to fit the scenery that you have available to you. The description from CrossFit.com will help you to see how the exact WOD was performed.

“Athletes will begin on the Lake Monona shoreline, enter the water and swim a 500-metre course, concluding back on land. They then will grab a paddleboard and paddle a 1,000-metre course. Finally, the athletes will exit the water and run 2,000 metres to the AEC, where they will cross the finish line.”

Pier Paddle

Pier Paddle was the first event at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

For Time

  • 500 metre Swim
  • 2-mile Paddle
  • 500 metre Swim

Time Cap: 60 minutes

Check out the full workout description from CrossFit.com.

“Athletes begin on the beach and will swim 500 metres around the pier then return to the beach to grab paddle boards. They will then return to the water and paddle south for 1 mile, turn around, and paddle back the 1 mile where they will return to the boards to the beach. They will then swim around the pier again, climb out of the water and cross the finish line.”

Paddleboard WODs – Fittest in Cape Town Sanctional 19.4

This workout was taken from the fourth workout at the 2019 Fittest in Capetown Sanctional.

For Time

  • 30 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 60 Single-Arm Overhead Squats (32/24 kg)
  • 900 metre Water Leg with a Paddleboard

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